There are many ways to reduce pollution in the world today. Pollution is world enemy number one today. 'Pollution' means making dirty.

Our air gets dirty or polluted by the smoke and gases given by vehicles, mills, and factories. It is a serious threat to our health.

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Pollution is increasing dangerously in countries like India. We have entered the 21st century. We will probably recover facilities during this century. But with this, we have to face many problems. In this, the problem of pollution is proving to be the most dangerous for our existence.

Industrialization in the twentieth century. The revolution has occurred in many businesses. Many industries are continuously producing toxins. There is also increased transportation.

Diesel or petrol-powered vehicles release CO2 into the air like carbon monoxide gas. Yes, noise pollution due to vehicles has also increased a lot. Growing cities mean more and more slums.

And this, in turn, means filth, disease, and death. Among the more polluted in our cities, it may be mentioned, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras, and Delhi.

As the use of chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides has increased in agriculture, grains, and vegetables have also increased and soil fertility has decreased. In addition, toxic gases are often pumped out of chemical factories and can cause serious tragedies.

E. A tragedy occurred in 1984 in Bhopal. In the cities of chemical factories, the constant threat of causing a gas-like tragedy at any time has increased the population of our country in the last fifty years.

The infamous population has caused many problems. Cities are emerging from humanity. In cities, many of us sleep in slums under worse conditions than hell.

The fact that forests have been destroyed to provide habitat to the factory and growing vegetation, so as rain has subsided and heat has increased, the polluted water of the factory has also put the lives of birds in rivers or oceans at risk have put. There is a shortage of water.

Two world wars occurred in the twentieth century. Atomic bombs were also used.

Cities like Hiroshima and Nagasaki were completely destroyed in Japan, and seventy-five thousand people died. Since the founding of the United Nations, a tremendous effort has been made by the United Nations to ensure that no country uses an H-bomb in any other country.

But pollution has created such a situation today that human pollution will eventually, kill Rebai Rebai even if the bomb explodes.

Thus, thanks to pollution of air, water, noise, and toxic gases, human life is in crisis today. The wise people of the world are worried about it. There are also ways to reduce this danger. June 5 is celebrated as World Environment Day.

Apart from this, 'Plantation Day' is also celebrated every year. Measures to reduce air, water, and noise pollution are often suggested to the general public. New trees are always planted, maintained, and protected from unnecessary felling of trees.

Also, efforts are made to grow the forests. Inspection of auto engines has been mandated to obtain PUC certification to reduce vehicular smoke pollution.

Attention is also being paid to destroy nuclear weapons. May be we cooperate with the government in ways to reduce pollution, otherwise you demons will kill us without killing us.


In this way, there are many collections like Kalika Museum of Textiles Ahmedabad, Sardar Patel Museum Junagadh, Baroda Museum and Art Gallery Vadodara, Kuth Museum, Lakhota Mahal and Museum Jamnagar, Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum, World Vintage Car Museum Ahmedabad, Bechara. 

Visalia-e Utensils Museum and Gandhi Smarak Sangharai Ahmedabad. But I went to the storeroom in Delhi. I used to enjoy traveling and get to know new people too.

Of Repository 'means a treasure trove of history, which goes to collections of ancient kings' dress, jewelry, housewives, weapons and sculpture, paintings, and more! Get acquainted.

We are reminded of our ancient civilization. We visited North India during the Diwali holidays. At that point, we had a chance to explore the famous National Museum in Delhi.

The storeroom is very luxurious. There is a small but respectable garden in front of it. Display guide and information for viewing repositories. The instructions are well written. 

There is also a booklet containing information about storage. We visited different parts of the store one by one. Osari has magnificent sculptures of products and deities. 

One of the metal sculptures of the continent can also be far removed from the artistry of India due to the development of metallurgy.

In one room we found swords, spears, cannons, cannons, shields, armor, guns, etc. Seeing this, we understood the notice of protection of the monarchy. On one continent, we saw the clothes of kings and queens.

Seeing in a room that we found copper utensils, jewelry, coins, etc., we get acquainted with the grand heritage of ancient craftsmanship of India.

In a large room above, animals hunted by the king, and hence the emperor, are placed. These animals are kept full of medicines. From this, it seems that he is alive.

I was initially nervous to see the tiger inside my mouth. Earthenware and metal toys were found in a room. In view of this, we were convinced that the Pharaoh would be eager to hunt, which would be looked after by the children in his time. 

We saw a wooden item during a room. It is as if it has just been laid. Remained intact Our two clones are efficient at locating repositories.

We were very happy with this visit to the repository. Such a collection keeps history alive giving a glimpse of India's glorious past.

My Favorite Festival:- Holi

There are many festivals like Diwali, Uttarayan, Raksha Bandhan, Navratri, Christmas, etc. but I like the festival of Holi the most. The Holi festival is widely known by people from all regions with joy and happiness. This is our social festival.

Holi comes in the month of Poonam. The parable about Holi is as follows: There was a demon named Hiranyakashipu. His son Prahlada was a devotee of God. Hiranyakashipu did not like it.

He persuaded Prahlad to offer his devotion to God, but Prahlad did not give up his devotion to God, so his father made several attempts to kill Aladdin. 

He was snatched from the mountain, thrown into the sea, but nothing happened to Prahlad, but there was a pinch in Prahalad's Folly Holika. If Holika sits on a stove bed, her feet won't burn her.

Thus, religion was conquered against Adam. People raised Prahlad alive by flinging and dancing. Since then, every year the festival is celebrated with joy and gaiety.

On the day of Holi, People gather wood in the streets or squares of their streets to celebrate Holi. People worship and visit Holimata, it is coconut fire in Holi fire. The women sang Holi songs. 

People worship Holi after dessert. Dip and dates on this day. Eating is also glorious. Another day of Holi is Dhuleti, on this day people put colors and roses on each other. 

Children paint each other with squeakers. Also, some children paint each other. So often the body is harmed. Chemicals damage the eyes and skin. The flowers of Holi dress are very fun to play with the colors of the house. 

Holi is a favorite festival of Rajasthanis. Some People go to their hometown to celebrate the Holi festival of Rajasthan. A quote for this is often in vogue: Diwali, even on Holi, if welcomed. The spring festival celebrates the youth and youngsters with fun and gaiety.

The village of Gujarat/A smart village/My village

The village is found in the Sabarkatha district of Gujarat and has an entire population of 6000 which includes 23 different castes and communities. There is no NGO and no NRI fund in this village. 98% of the population is engaged in agricultural or dairy activities. 

Nevertheless CCTV camera the monitoring system, beverages plant for all, CC roads, centrally AC government schools that will surprise you even with all the panchayat funds. 

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Village of Gujarat

When people told us about this village, we could not trust it. But this journey gives us a sense of commitment and comfort of an honest visionary leader.

There is an online audio system which is completely audible in village streets and homes. Everyday bhajans and other devotional music of Mahatama Gandhi are played within the morning (6:30 to 7:30) and evening (6:30 to 7:00). 

There are a total of 120 such waterproof speakers everywhere in the village. This technique has also been employed to send information about various schemes of the state. 

The Sarpanch phone is connected to the current system and can deliver any message to the villagers from anywhere. With this type of technology, it was very clear that every single scheme is utilized to the maximum during this village

Taking inspiration from this village, Shri Narendra Modi has allocated several crores of rupees to implement such a system completely in the villages of Gujarat.

CCTV cameras are installed inside the village. This has helped not only in monitoring the staff but also in improving overall sanitation within the village, reducing violence and improving discipline within the village.

Initially, a clean drink was a drag. Now the village has its own drinking water plant. Water is supplied to all or any household at a nominal fee and even BPL families are exempted from the cost. 

This drinking water plant also delivers water to other villages. The Panchayat has its own tanker which supplies water on special occasions.

It is interesting to understand how people were motivated to pay taxes by giving Dustbin as a present. This has also improved sanitation within the village and raised the collection level by 90%. Every morning and evening a trolley collects garbage from homes.

Within the last 6-7 years, there are no cases of infant deaths, maternal deaths, and female suicides that were previously quite common. 2 MBBS doctors are permanently employed at PHC centers and ASHA workers are active. 

The number of SHG girls has increased from 2 to 111 and the female community has strengthened. Many small enterprises are found by these SHGs.


Yoga as an exercise can also be physical activity, consisting mainly of postures, often called Venus, between rhythmic breathing, and sometimes ending with relaxation or meditation. During this form, yoga has become familiar throughout the planet, especially in the US and Europe. 

It is derived from medieval yoga, and is usually so named, but is commonly called "yoga".

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Yoga For Exercise
This is often despite the existence of many old traditions of yoga within Hinduism, which are included in Patanjali's Yoga Sutra, some not least include asanas, and despite the fact that the practice of asanas is central in any tradition. was not. 

Some components of Hatha Yoga are a touch similar to Sattkarma, Mudra, and Pranayama which are very few or absent in yoga as an exercise. The term "Hatha Yoga" has a special meaning, a mildly unbranded yoga practice, independent of the main schools, sometimes sed primarily for women. 

Yoga is complex and contested as a relation of exercise in Hindusim; Some Christians have rejected it on the grounds that it is secretly Hindu, while the "Take Back Yoga" campaign insisted that it was necessarily linked to Hinduism.

Yoga as an exercise has evolved into a worldwide multi-billion dollar business, with classes, certification of teachers, clothes like yoga pants, books, videos, equipment including yoga mats, and holidays.

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