v  computer short form:-

CAD:- Computer Assisted Design
DVI:- Digital Visual Interface
FTP:- File Transport Protocol
LCD:- Liquid Crystal Display
LED:- Light Emitting Diode
NTP:- Network Time Protocol
PDF:- Portable Document Format
RAM:- Random Access Memory
ROM:- Read Only Memory
SMS:- Short Message Service
VGA:- Video Graphics Array

Top 9 best use of Computer Engineering
Computer Thing

v Computer

GHz:- Gigahertz
GUI:- Graphical User Interface
MHZ:- Megahertz
PC:- Personal Computer
OS:- Operating System

Types of window operating system

BIOS:- Basic Input Output System
BOS:- Batch Operating System
DOS:- Distributed Operating System
MOS:- Multiprogramming System
MTOS:- MultiThreading  Operating System
MUOS:- Multi-User Operating System
MPOS: - Multi-Processing Operating System
NOS: - Network Operating System
RTOS: - Real-Time Operating System
TSOS: - Time Sharing Operating System

v Internet Network

ALU: - Arithmetic Logic Unit
COM: - Component Object Model
HTTPS: - HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure
ISP: - Internet Service Provider
IP:- Internet Protocol
LAN: - Local Area Network
MAN: - Metropolitan Area Network
URL: - Uniform Resource Locator
WWW: - World Wide Web
WAN: - Wide Area Network
WLAN: - Wireless Local Area Network

Top 9 best use of Computer Engineering
Machine Parts

v Computer Language:-

ASCII: - American Standard Code for Information Interchange
CSS: - Cascading Style Sheets
JS: - Java Script
HTML: - HyperText Markup Language
HLL: - Higher Level Language
LLL: - Low-Level Language
ORACLE: - Oak Ridge Automatic Computer and Logical Engine
PHP: - HyperText PreProcessor
SQL: - Structured Query Language
VRML: - Virtual Reality Mark-up Language

v  computer short keys:-

ALT: - Altern Ate
CTRL: - Control
ESC: - Escap
F: - Function
NUM: - Numeric

v Computer Hardware:-

CD: - Compact Disk
CPU: - Central Processing Unit
DVD: - Digital Versatile Disk
HDD: - Hard Disk Drive
PSU: - Power Supply Unit
SSD: - Solid State Drive
USB: - Universal Serial Bus

v Domain's :-

.COM:- Commercial Internet Sites
.GOV:- Government
.IN:- India
.NET:- Internet Administrative Sites
.ORG:- Organization Site


GB :- Giga Byte
1024 MB= 1 Giga Byte
KB :- Kilo Byte
1024 Bytes= 1 Kilo Byte
MB :- Mega Byte
1024 KB= 1 Mega Byte
TB :- Tera Byte
1024 GB= 1 Tera Byte
PB :- Peta Byte
1024 TB= 1 Peta Byte
EB :- Exa Byte
1024 PB= 1 Exa Byte

My view about this post

This is a short form of computer. Which can be useful to people in everyday life rather than using a computer. People in computer science need to use this and remember it. So remembering these 9 things makes them know a lot and it can be a success in this field, so read this and remember it. You may know a lot of them and some may not, so remember to read what they do not know.

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FAQ On Page Check List

1. What is a computer shortcut key?
Answer: Everything we operate on the screen without a mouse is called a Computer Shortcut Key. That is, we operate this screen through the keyboard.

2.  Computer shortcut key to shutdown?
Answer: This is the shortcut key for the shutdown of the computer ALT+F4.

3. Computer shortcut key in Hindi.
Answer: There are too many shortcut-keys. It is better if we understand it in English.

4. Shortcut key to use the computer without mouse
Answer: There are many shortcut keys that can be used without a mouse. Like this is the key to turn off the computer is ALT+F4. Like this is the key to copy something CTRL + C. Like this is the key to paste something CTRL + V. Such as using a number with a Window key to open an icon in the task manager.


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