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Essay of Holi 10 Standard Students (350 Words)
Holi essay in English 2020

Holi festival is celebrated by people from all walks of life with joy and cheer. It is our social festival. Holi falls during the month of poonam. The myth about Holi is as follows: There was a demon named Hiranyakashipu. His son Prahlad was a devotee of God. Hiranyakashipu didn’t like it. He worshiped God in Pralad too persuaded to leave. But do not abandon devotion to God. Thus his father made many attempts to kill praful. Plunged him from the mountain, and threw him into the sea. But no one was hurt. Praful’s foi hilika had a pinch. If Holika sits on the mattress, the fire cannot burn her. Holika took her in her lap and sat down on the Cheetah to burn her. Holika took her in her lap and sat down on the Cheetah to burn Praful. But with the breeze, the pinch rose and Holika burned. Prafullad survived being a devotee of God. Thus, religion was conquered against Adharma. People cheeted for Prahlad survivors by flying gulals and dancing. Every year since then, the festival is celebrated with joy and cheer. Holika did not want to be traumatized, but Holika hurried to find her.


On the day of Holi, people gather in their nostrils or squares to collect wood and ducks. People worship and visit Holimata. It is a coconut fire in the Holi fire. Women sing holi songs. People worship the Holi after dessert. This day is also the glory of eating pickles and dates. The second day of Holi is Dhuleti. On this day people put color and red on each other. Kids paint colors on each other with pitchforks. Some people play Holi with dirty things like mud and dung. Also, some young people paint each other with isle paint. So often the body is damaged. Chemical colors cause damage to the eyes and skin. Holi is very fun to play with 1 color made from homemade flowers and no one is harmed.

Holi is a favourite festival of Rajasthanis. Some Rajasthanis go to their homeland to celebrate the Holi festival. One quote for this is often in vogue: ‘Diwali, even at Holi, if reception.’ The spring festival celebrates the youth and youngsters with fun and fun.

Essay of Holi 5-6-7 Standard Students (200 Words)
Holi essay in English 2020

Next to Diwali, Holi is the most important Hindu festival. It is persisted a particular full-moon day in spring. It is celebrated throughout India. The story goes that the child Prahlad was as great worshipper of Vishnu. His father Hiranyakashyap asked him not to worship Vishnu. He refused to obey his evil father. Hiranyakashyap was angry. He asked his sister Holika to burn up little Prahlad. Holika tried to burn him. However, she herself was turned to ashes by divine powers. Prahlad was saved. The Holi festival is in celebration of Prahlad’s victory over Holika.


On the Holi day, people go about yelling, dancing, banging at drums, blowing at pipe and playing pranks. They throw coloured water at one another. They throw coloured powders about. Newly-wedded couples are special targets for this colour treatment. There is a great hubbub throughout the day. Sometimes there are fights and broken heads.

By evening, huge heaps of firewood and everything else that can be burnt stand ready in yards and open places. They are lighted at a fixed moment. They go up in flames. People worship these Holi bonfires. There is merriment far into the night. This is the my favourite festival.

Essay of Holi 8-9 Standard students in (250 Words)
Holi essay in English 2020

Holi is celebrated on the full moon day of pagan month. Holi has religious significance. There was an Asura king named Hiranyakashipu. Prahlad was a devotee of god his father didn’t like it. He explained a lot to Prahlad but he did not give up his devotion to God. Thus, his father made many attempts to kill him, but Prahlad did not die; if he or she sits in a leopard with no silver, the fire will not be affected. Holika took her into her lap and sat down on the Cheetah to put Prafulla alive. With the breeze of the wind, chundi flies away and Holika is burnt, Prahlad escapes being a devotee of God. To his delight the festival is celebrated every year.

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On the day of Holi, people fast. People gather firewood and ducks on the street. Holi is prepared in the square. Holi is lit in the evening. People worship Holi with dhikyan. Some people visit Holi and have fruit in Holi. Then people eat dessert. We have a lot of fun playing Holi and we enjoy playing and having fun each other. We also say that Don’t misunderstand Holly. We look around the Holi as it unfolds and sprinkle it with coriander and water as well.

The second Holi day is known as ‘Dhuleti’. On this day, people enjoy splashing and shading each other. This is the favourite festival of Rajasthanis. Some Rajasthanis go to their homeland to celebrate the Holi festival. For Rajasthanis this saying is prevalent: ‘Diwali, even at Holi, then at home. Holi is a festival of color and joy. General chat chat Lounge.

We should celebrate Holi during a decent way. We must realize that it's a festival of joy and friendship. we should always share our joy with others. We must not behave badly. the important spirit of the festival should be maintained.

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