Limits of Rural Life
Rural Lifestyle/Village Life
Rural life

India is a country made up of numerous villages. People living in villages run farming or small workplaces in Gujarat. In the villages, nature is richly rich in wealth. There are green fields, open plains, huge tree trunks, freely moving animals and birds of prey that make our minds swell. Polluted air pollution, clean, plain and nutritious food as well as pure ghee milk protects and energize health. Diseases or retardation are less prevalent in the villages. The phrase ‘village air and city medicine’ is often heard. Village life is very quiet. No one cares about getting to work on time. Vehicle noise and smoke are also not there. Rural human being is very content and happy even in the bread given by God. The lives of the villagers are simple and real. Village people are found in abundance qualities as compassion, love, forgiveness, selfless service, hospitality sattvika.

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‘The culture of the village that sticks together.’

There is no quarrel between the villagers and the good people. Together they celebrate social events and festivals with joy and cheer. The villagers have a sense of ‘being sad for others and happy for others’. They love the nuns and the guests. Also, the village people have a dash neither are vanity.
In addition to some of these features of rural life, it has its limitations. In many villages there are heaps of rubbish and debris. This leads to a heavy infestation of files, and mosquitoes. People show a lot of neglect for hygiene, they openly go to natural places. There are also some disadvantages in the village. Not all the necessities of life are readily available there. There will be ample clinics and communication facilities! Is not transportation equipment is also not available soon. Rustic roads are also narrow, rough and bumpy. In the monsoon, the mud and mud layers are scattered on the roads. Even today, poverty, dirt, water scarcity, diseases and superstitions are found in the villages. They spend their days in slums apart from the farming season. Superstitions do not exist in some villages; higher education system in many villages. Is not many such limitations are found in rural life.

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“God made the country and artificial the town.”

After independence, our government has launched a number of rural development projects. Thus, the limits of rural life are gradually being removed. Some villages are getting a lot of improvement through radio, TV, telephone, newspapers, education etc. when the limits of rural life are removed, people will prefer to live in villages and will not have to come to cities. This will also solve the problems of increasing population in cities.

Rural Life
Rural Lifestyle/Village Life
Rural life

The lives of the villagers are very simple. They eat plain food, ‘wear simple outfits and speak simple language. The health of the villagers is very good due to pure air, natural food, labor and quiet life of the village. People have a good introduction to each other. There is a lot love between them. They are helpful to each other. The people of the village are satisfied. Their main occupations are agriculture and livestock farming.

There are some deficiencies in rural life. There is little education in the villages. So there is a high proportion of virgins, superstitions, grandchildren etc in rural areas. They also have a lot to do with raising their hygiene consciousness. In the village there is a lot of dirt and mud. Therefore, there is a high risk of mosquitoes and mosquitoes. The people of the village can do no work other than farming. So they are lazy during the monsoon times. There is a lack of concern for people to move forward in education.

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