My preparation for Board’s Examination

board exam preparation

I am a class 10 class students. I am preparing for my Board Exam these days. Generally a student of S.S.C. or H.S.C. is very much pressurized from all sides but I am ready for it. I would like to take this exam just like the primary exam. I can barely stand to face this exam. I get up at 5 a.m. every day. I get ready and start reading around 5-15. I read till 7-15. I have friends from 7-15 to 7-30 we go to coaching classes and we discuss exams and if there  is any confusion in any subject, we discuss with each other. We seem to be the solution to that confusion.  Then I take breakfast and go to my 

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coaching class from 7-30to 9-30. At 9-45, I return and do my homework till 10-30. I get ready and go to school then. I have my school from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. In the evening, I play with my friends for an hour. I relax my mind by playing with my friends and bring refreshment to my body. So that I don’t have any problem with studying and I’m interested is studying, so I’m going to play. Around 6-30 p.m., I start my revision of any one subject. At 8-30, I take dinner and watch TV for an hour. From 9-30 p.m. to 10-30 p.m. I solve part a of one of the main subjects. I strictly follow my time table. I use various techniques of memorization like VIBGYOR or imagining the complete picture and then the parts of it. I read the textual lessons for two or three times to understand the content. I resolve using the same subject matter differently. I eat simple food nowadays. I avoid all types of cold drinks and fast food to keep myself healthy. My parents are always ready to help me in my preparation. They never put any restrictions on me. On the contrary, they advise me to get relax and enjoy my preparations. I also seek the advices of my teachers in difficulties. They often help me. My parents have given me a separate study room. I use to read and prepare there. I often take help of my friends. They solve my problems many times. We help one another in our study. Peers help is always beneficial. As I am a bright student, my friends, family and teachers expect a good result from me. I take care of my body so that I do not have any problems during my exam.  I am also confident to get around 85 percentage of marks. Don’t you wish me a good luck?

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