A smart village

smart village in india
A smart village

The village is located in Mehsana District of Gujart and has total population of 5489 comprising of 15 different caste and communities. 98% of the population is engaged in agriculture of dairy activities. Still CCTV camera monitoring system, beverage plant for all, CC roads, centrally ac government school that too with all panchayat funds will amaze you. When people told us about this village, we couldn't trust that. But visiting it make us realize the facility of commitment and an honest visionary leader.

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There is online audio system which is audible altogether the streets and households of the village. Everyday Mahatma Gandhi’s bhajans and other devotional music are played in the morning (6-30 to 7-30) and evening (6-30 to 7-00). There are total 120 such waterproof speakers everywhere the village. this technique is employed for sending information about various schemes of state also as all other important alerts. Sarpanch phone is connected to the present system and he can deliver any message to the villagers from anywhere. it had been very obvious with such a technology that each one the schemes are utilized to the utmost extent during this village. Taking inspiration from this village, Mr. Narendra Modi has allocated many crores to put in such system altogether the villages of Gujarat.

CCTV cameras are installed within the village. This has not only helped in monitoring staff but also in improving overall sanitation within the village, reducing violence and improving discipline within the village.

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Initially clean beverage was a drag . Now the village has its own drinking water plant. The water is supplied to all or any the households at nominal charges and even BPL families catch on freed from cost. This drinking water plant also outsource the water to other villages. it's interesting to understand how people were motivated to pay taxes by giving them dustbins as a present . This has also improved cleanliness within the village at an equivalent time increasing collection level to 90 %.

In the last 6-7 years, there are no cases of infant deathrate , maternal deaths and feminine suicides which were quite common earlier. Number of girls SHGs has increased from 2 to 111 and ladies community has strengthened. Many small enterprises are found out by these SHGs.

Essay of The Indian Village

The Indian village is a small group of huts. A couple of hundred people live in it. The huts are built with clay and stone. They are thatched with corn-stalks or hay. The walls and floors are coated with cow-dung. The huts are always neat and clean. There are no streets. There are only narrow pathways. These are muddy and stony. Waste water fills them up. Lean cattle stand in the mud. Flies and mosquitoes fly around them.

Outside the village is the well. Here the village people bathe and wash and draw water. The moving lines of village maidens with small towers of shining waterpots on their heads are a most beautiful sight. A little away from the well is thee dung-hill. It is a breeding place of diseases. Beyond it is the village temple. Here the simple villagers come to pray, or listen to readings from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, or talk.

The villagers have to go the nearest town for shopping, post-office work, schooling, medical help and so on. At night the village is dark and smoky. It still uses oil-lamps. But in a few years electricity will light up its homes.

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