bird kingfisher

Bird kingfisher and life of birds

This pigeon sized bird, the Ceryle alcyon is blue-grey above and white below with a bushy crest and dagger like bill. This bird found from eastern Alaska to southern Canada and America. It frequently announces its presence by its loud ratting cry. They are approximately 28-35 cm long and weight is 140-170 gm. The kingfisher is one among the few bird species during which the feminine is more brightly colored then the male. Their nest is usually in a dirty water bank where it has maximum use of fish bones because they eat fish only. They dig tunnel approximately of 30 to 250 cm into a river bank which slopes upward from the entrance perhaps to stop water from entering the nest.

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The word “budgie” is short for budgerigar, found in Australia which is a green and yellow bird. They are about 18 cm long and weigh 30-40 grams. They feed o the seeds of spinifex, grass weeds and sometimes ripening wheat. They mostly eat seeds, fresh fruits and vegetables. In spite of their small size, they're intelligent and social animals and luxuriate in the stimulation of toys and interaction with humans also like other Budgerigars. They are very popular as pet. They love to play and explore their surroundings. A common behavior is chewing of material such as wood, especially for female Budgerigars. The average Budgie lives between 5-9 years. A budgerigar can learn hundreds of words.

Indian Peacock

Bird kingfisher and life of birds
Indian Peacock

The common name of these birds should be applied only to males. Female birds are known as Peahen. Asian males are famous for their amazingly beautiful tail coverts which is almost 1.4-1.6 m in length accounts for more than 60% of their total body weight. Feathers are usually green and gold markings of blue colour resembling eyes. The peahen are not as colorful as peacocks and they have no beautiful trains. Their foods include grains, insects, reptiles, berries, figs and cultivated crops. The peacock is widely found in the Indian sub-continent from the south and east of the Indus River, Jammu-Kashmir, East Assam and  South Mizoram. The blue peacock is a national bird of India. It is fully protected under the Indian Wildlife.

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Saras Crane

The Saras Crane is found in Northern Pakistan, India, Nepal, South East Asia and Queensland in Australia. Indian males can attain a maximum height of 6.6 ft, with a wing span of 8.5 ft, making them the world’s tallest living flying bird the average weight is 7.3 kg. these birds are usually seen in small groups of 2-5 and they forage while walking in shallow water or in fields, frequently probing with their long bills. They eat insects, aquatic plants animals, seeds, berries and small vertebrates. It nests on the bottom , laying two to 3 eggs. It has been observed that if one of the pair dies the other crane stops eating and dies.


Pelican are not our country’s birds but they migrate and come are with other migrated birds in winter. There are about 7 species of pelican. Their height can be 4.5-7.7 kg. they have pouch under bills is like a fishing net to scoop the fish into their bill. They are strong swimmers and use their webbed feet to push through the water. Pelicans can run over the water, beat their big wings, on the surface of the water with both feet in unison to get enough speed for takeoff. They usually fly in a single line. They nest in large colonies near the water or in trees. They use their pouches to carry twigs, grass and feathers. The young are not fed from the pouch’ instead, the parents will open their mouths wide to allow the young to reach down into the gullet to get the food. Pelican can hold up to 11 liters of water in their pouch, which is 2 to 3 times more than can be held in its stomach. They can live up to 30 years.

Weaver bird

Bird kingfisher and life of birds

Weaver bird are found in sub-saharan Africa, fewer species in tropical Asia and also in Australia. There are about 117 species of weavers worldwide. These are seed-eating birds with rounded conical bills. The males brightly colored like bright yellow, brown and some time black who weaves the nest and uses it as a form of display to lure a prospective female. Their hangings nests have complex entrance tunnels facing upside down, there are egg laying chambers inside which is lined with mud. They usually group their nests together often several to branches close to water and in dilapidated wells. While making nests they make a noise so that colony may be located from a distance. They mostly eat grains and insects during the rain. In india this bird is harmful for crop like bajri and juvar in seasons.

Indian Cuckoo

The male koel is generally considered most musical among Indians. The whole bird is black with bluish gloss when seen in the sun. The Koel is approximately 39-46 cm in length. It was long tail, pointed wings and curved bill. The female dirty white and broad with black strips of black and brown and having gee beak and red eyes. They feed on fruits, insects, caterpillars, grasshoppers. They don’t build their own nest. Between April and August the mother bird goes in search of crow’s nest and there she lays her ege. Te unsuspecting crow hatches. The koel’s egg and feed babies along with her own young ones. The Indian Cuckoo is a singing species. The Koel is a bird of gardens and tree in spring one can hear all through day and night koal’s singing. In winter, bird becomes silent and migrates to warmer places.

Gurugyan :

Once ornithologist have found as many as thirteen koel’s egg in crow’s nest.
The brown pelican can sight a fish when flying at heights up to 21 meters and then will dive headfirst into the water.
The species is venerated in Indian and legend has it that Valmiki cursed a hunter for killing a Sarus Crane and was then inspired to write the epic.
When male dances to attract female they can vibrate their every feather from the tail which looks very beautiful.
Females rarely if ever learn to mimic quite a dozen words approximately . Males can very easily acquire vocabularies ranging between a few dozed to a hundred words.
When belted kingfisher catches fish they whacks it against a branch a few times and eat it then after only.

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