My Village Vanarai

Rampur My Village. It is a picturesque village overlooking nature. It is in the middle of the mountains. My village is found distant from the town . There is a dense forest around my village. It has many deciduous trees like mamba, asopalava, vad, neem, and mahuda. There are huge trees as well as several small wells of climbers. It has several nests of birds. Animals like foxes, rabbits, and squirrels are also found here. There is a beautiful valley near my village. It has a waterfall. The water of the falls flows through a rainy day and night. with its sweet music, the atmosphere is refreshing. Teak, shrubs and other herbs grow on the mountains.
Village life quotes
Village life

At noon, the vatamgurs rest in the forest. Kids play here. Many tourists come here to celebrate. Morning – At dusk, here the atmosphere of the birds cleanses. The people in my village are very understanding. They believe that forests and livestock are national treasures. It must be properly protected. Their motto is : Don’t cut down trees and let nobody cut down trees. Grow new trees every year. General chat chat lounge people from my village come to Vanarai to celebrate twice a year. On the second Sunday of Bhadarva and on one among the night of Chaitra, all the assemblages gather reception , sing songs, play Garba-Ras. Kids and young people play games. With such a gorgeous atmosphere, my village has become a well known nature.

Pastor of my village

The village is the gateway to the village. My village has a large head of pastor. There are huge grounds all around the head. There is a mango. There is a small lake near the village. The ferry has just been built round the lake. The village padar is that the playground for the village boys. No rockets here or no one’s scare here. Here we go, play and play freely. Here are some new games being played. Sometimes the kabdi is sometimes flattened, sometimes the lily-yellow is sometimes lame, now the cricket is also colored and from time to time, the elders of the elder should also eat the hiccups. Sometimes we have to fight while playing and then get back together. No complaining, no Reese. Just Enjoy, Enjoy.

Rural Lifestyle/Village Life

 In the village Padar means the shelter of the cattle, in the summer, the 7 rocky cattle sit here in the shade, close their eyes and cry. Birds build nests in tree trunks, sometimes clap, sometimes spank one another . Back in the evening the nest may be wrapped.

The village footprint means the remainder of the community. Veterans relax here. In the summer there's a chilly water festival. The coolness of the air conditioning is that the monsoon rains, the padre only protets many.

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The village priest is that the witness of excellent and bad events. Here the Janaiyas dance to the drum, keeping their minds fixed; Pioneers mention alchemists by placing water-filled fleets. Here is the third rest of the deceased. Some caste panchayats are filled here. Thinking-wandering tribes sometimes camp here – tent. Sometimes the thief also hides here at night. the padar also gives shelter to the thief. The village is taken into account to be the nose of the village. The village is as much a ruse as the padar.

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