Gordon Moore
Intel co-founder and chairman
Full Name: Gordon Earle Moore
Born: January 3, 1929
Education: California Institute of technology
Net worth: 1140 crores USD
Country: USA
Books: Linking Trade and Technology Policies: An international Comparison of the policies of Industrialized Nation
Awards: National Medal of Technology and Innovation
Movies: Something Ventured
US Patent No. 3108359
Inducted in 2009

Famous for: Gordon Earle Moore Co-founding the computer chip company Intel and “more is law” where he predicted that computer chip capacity would double every 18 months in 1965, now changed to doubling every 2 years.

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  • It is extremely unlikely that anyone beginning of faculty with a technical degree will enter one area and stay there. Today is students have to look forward to the excitement of probably having three or four careers.
  • With engineering, I Gordon view this year is failure as next year is opportunity to try it again. Failures are not something to be avoided. You want to possess them happen as quickly as you'll so you'll make progress rapidly.

Gordon Moore (Intel Co-founder and chairman)
Gordon Moore

  • The technology at the vanguard changes so rapidly that you simply need to keep current after you get out-of-school. i feel probably the foremost important thing has good fundamentals.
  • We still not really quiet and entrepreneurs, but we had learned something along the way. There is such thing as a natural born entrepreneur, for whom the entrepreneurial urge drive everything, and who can make a business out of almost anything.
  • But the accidental entrepreneur like me has got to fall under the chance or be pushed into it. Then the entrepreneurial Spirit eventually catches on.

  •  Fortunately, considerably haply , Gordon Moore (Intel Company) had hit on a technology that had just the proper degree of difficulty for a successful startup. This was how Intel began.
  • It is important to remember one thing that is essential for any entrepreneurial organization. Do what you do well. Lock at other things as incremental opportunities,  but don’t change the basis of what you do well.
  • Building a successful enterprise is satisfying and rewarding.
  • Now, I don’t mind missing a chance because we tried and failed. We took some fairly aggressive and not always successful step towards producing computer products early in the company’s life.
  • From the start and Intel, we planned on being big.

Gordon Moore (Intel Co-founder and chairman)

Gordon Moore Education

  • Moore was born in port of entry, California, and grew up in nearby Pescadero. He attended Sequoia high school in Redwood City.
  • Initially he visited San Jose State University. After two years he transferred to the university of California, Berkeley, from which he received a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry in 1950. In September, 1950 Moore Gordon matriculated at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). 
  • Earle Moore received a PHD in chemistry and minor in physics from Caltech in 1954. Moore Gordon conducted postdoctoral research the applied physics laboratory at Johns Hopkins University from 1953 to 1956.

  • Fellow of the pc History Museum (1998).
  • Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (2003).
  • IEEE Medal of Honor (2008).
  • Recipient of the National Medal of Technology.


  • Gordon Moore didn't call his observation "Moore's Law," nor did he began to make a "law." Gordon Moore made that statement supported noticing emerging trends in chip manufacturing at Intel. 
  • Eventually, Moore's insight became a prediction, which successively became the golden rule referred to as Moore's Law.
  • Message to employees Gordon Moore: First of all, I thank them for the contributions they made because really it's our employees who got us where we are today... and are getting to take us where we would like to travel within the future.

My view about this post (conclusion)

Looking at this post has taught me that no matter how many failures, do not despair and move on to success. God gives us a lot of opportunities to move on to success so don’t be discouraged and move on. Gordon Earle Moore says do what you can and do it well. You have tried and failures do not matter because you have tried.

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