Supersonic business jet

Air travel (How the vehicles flying in the sky were discovered)
Supersonic Business Jet

  • Aerion’s engineer have devised a radical new design for high-flying, luxury supersonic business jet. Now, they just need a partner to make it.
  • Aerion’s engineering company is. Developing the world’s first supersonic business jet, the SBJ. Over the past three months the company has booked $ 1.5 billion worth of preliminary orders for $ 80 million private aircraft. It says should take to the skies within the next decade. 
  • The most eager would be customers have put down $ 250000 deposits to be first in line.

Fighter jet

Air travel (How the vehicles flying in the sky were discovered)
Fighter Jet

  • Aircraft powered by a jet engine first flew during the early part of world war II, with the united states, Britain, and Germany all testing initial models.
  •  However, the technology was too new, and the production capacity too limited, for these aircraft to play significant role in the war. Only one jet, the British Gloster Meteor, Participated in World War II operations. By the time of the 1948-1952 Korean War, jet aircraft were becoming common place, and this conflict was the first time that jets were used to any great extent in military action. 
  • The Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star became the first jet that say significant use.

Euro fighter                                                                                              

  • The long-awaited test flight of the prototype Euro fighter 2000 has taken place, with German test pilot Peter Wager flew the new fighter-bomber over Bavaria. The Euro fighter has been built by a consortium of German, British, Italian and Spanish aircraft manufacturers, the product of a new defence initiative in Europe.
  •  The Euro fighter is far superior to prior aircraft of its type two Eurojet EJ 200 engines provide 9185 Kilogrammes (20250 Pounds) of after burner thrust which gives it plenty of power to spare.

Flight Simulator (flight simulator google earth)

Air travel (How the vehicles flying in the sky were discovered)
Flight Simulator

  • Flight simulators play 
    a necessary role in maintaining the exceptional level of safety that air carriers offer the traveling public.
  • Modern flight simulators are available for all types of commercial aircraft, with mock cockpits that include functional analogs of every control in the real cockpit. Early airline pilot training, in the 1940s, did require the use of actual planes.
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In-Flight Movie

  • In April 1925, on an imperial Airways flight from London to Paris, a passenger could view the 1924 silent film version of “The Lost World” by Arthur Conan Doyle. It was not until the first commercial airline to introduce in-flight movies as a regular service.

Zeppelin Completes Return Flight to United States

  • Wealthy passengers had been travelling through the air in rigid airships since 1910, but the Graf Zeppelin had successfully completed the first- ever transatlantic flight by a lighter-than-air aircraft. It took off from Friedrichshafen, Germany, and safely touched down in New Jersey, United States, four days, 15 hours and 30 minute later.
  • Michael Dell (Founder of Dell Computers)

Kansai Airport

  • A new airport in Japan has solved the problem of aircraft noise for those who live nearby. The new terminal at Kansai is built on an artificial island some five kilometers (three miles) offshore. 
  • Creating the island was one of the greatest engineering projects ever.a seawall was built around the site. 
  • The area inside the seawall was filled with rock. Next, the engineers built the vast terminal building, which is designed to flex slightly during earthquakes so it will not break up.

First Helicopter Designed for Mass Production

  • Russian born aircraft designer Igor-Sikorsky had developed the first practical single-rotor helicopter for United Aircraft, the VS-300. 
  • It has a steel body with an open cockpit, a single main three-bladed rotor, plus a small tail rotor to prevent torque (twisting), and is powered by a 65 horsepower Lycoming engine. 
  • After its maiden test flight on 14 September, during which it was tethered to the ground by a long rope.

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